What is Waxing?

Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hairs will not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to six weeks. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face and bikini area. There are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair. If waxing is done regularly for several years, permanent hair reduction may be achieved.


Waxpert Waxing

As a Waxperts salon we can achieve the highest levels of waxing for our clients. All our therapists are certified by Waxpert, and by using only genuine Waxpert products and methods we ensure the highest levels of service and hygiene are met. A Waxpert never double dips!

There are two types of wax. Hot wax; used on the face, underarm and bikini. Hot wax is especially suited for sensitive skin. It gives a better finish and a more pain free wax, especially on the bikini area. Strip wax; is used on the legs, back and arms.

We offer all types of body waxing from brows to Brazilians! Brazilians are super popular and would be our most requested bikini wax and not at all painful, after all, we get waxed too!

A patch test is required before your first treatment.

Half Price.jpg

Half Price Waxing

On top of offering the highest levels of service in professional waxing, here at Poppies we also offer you the opportunity to keep that freshly waxed feeling for longer!

Book your next waxing appointment within 4 weeks of your original wax and we will give you your next appointment for half price! No gimics or catches, just half price waxing for regular waxers!